A Dental Crown Still Requires Daily Oral Hygiene Measures

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A dental crown is commonly used by dentists like Dr. Frederick M. Saigh to restore or replace the tooth enamel layer on a tooth that has suffered a significant fracture, large cavity, missing dental filling, or needed cosmetic restoration. This mode of treatment will completely replace the tooth’s enamel with an alternate dental material like gold, base metal alloys, or a special dental grade porcelain.

While these special materials will not be susceptible to plaque acids and bacterial tooth decay, your dental crown still need to be brushed each morning and night and flossed at least once per day. This is an easy addition to your daily oral hygiene routine.  

Without adequate oral hygiene attention, hardened tartar can start to accumulate on the dental crown near the gumline. This can significantly increase your risk of suffering periodontal disease and other oral health complications. In time, it could potentially weaken the bond between your dental crown and the abutment that anchors it in your mouth.

Waxed dental floss might be helpful if you’re struggling to thoroughly floss around your dental crown or other tightly spaced teeth in your mouth. The waxy coating will help slip the strand in place with reduced risk of snapping the strand into your gums.

Attending your twice annual dental checkups at Dr. Frederick M. Saigh’s dental office is also important to maintaining your dental crown and good periodontal health. The dental cleaning portion of the appointment will remove any residual hardened tartar to reduce your chances of suffering gum disease. At the same time, the examination will monitor the health of your gums and the integrity of your crown.  

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