Ceramic Braces for your Kids

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Convincing your children that they need braces isn’t always the easiest activity in the world. After all, they know they’ll look different and that braces aren’t terribly comfortable.

One of children’s biggest concerns about braces, however, is how they’ll make them look. If your kids are concerned, we recommend you tell them about ceramic braces.

What are they?

Ceramic braces are a new orthodontic option that eliminates the bulky metal brackets traditionally used in braces. Instead of a wire being attached to a metal bracket, the wires used to straighten teeth are secured to the teeth with a ceramic coating. This ceramic material is tooth-colored and reduces the sight of braces on teeth.

Do they work?

They work just as efficiently as “normal” braces, and are a great option for those who worry that regular braces will alter their appearance too strongly for their liking. Ceramic braces will, however, follow the same timeline as regular braces in terms of how long it takes to straighten your teeth.

At the end of the day, appearance is important, especially to the teenagers who make up the biggest group of people wearing braces. If you think ceramic braces could allay the fears of your teenager who needs braces, call us today at 906-265-0050.