Dental Whitening Can Help Improve Your Smile

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First impressions say a lot about us to the people we meet, so it’s important to make sure that yours is a great one. Having a great smile gives you confidence in your smile, so you can converse and laugh without worry. Here at Saigh Family Dental, we offer teeth whitening so you can have that confidence.

Teeth Whitening is Safe
When performed by a trained dental professional such as Dr. Frederick M. Saigh, dental whitening is perfectly safe. Their knowledge of the options and your oral health enables him to create a safe treatment plan that gives you the results you want.

Preferred Over Other Options
Other cosmetic dentistry options such as veneers or replacement crowns remove parts of the tooth. While these options are appropriate in some situations, whitening is generally preferred because it is non-invasive and keeps all of your healthy tooth structure.

How It Works
Our dentist will make a pair of specially formed trays fitted to your teeth, and use them to apply a carefully mixed concentration of dental peroxide bleach. The concentration will be left on for a time to allow the bleach to lighten your teeth. Depending on how much brightening you need, you may be done in a single day or require a few visits.

If you would like to explore your cosmetic dentistry options in Iron River, Michigan, call Saigh Family Dental today. Dr. Frederick M. Saigh would be happy to assist you.