Do You Have a Malocclusion?

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A malocclusion refers to a bad bite or misalignment that occurs within your mouth. Some misalignment issues can be caused by your environment and life, but many are also the result of genetics or oral accidents.

Do you have a malocclusion? Listed below are several different types.

– Misplaced Midlines: Your upper front teeth fail to line up with your lower front teeth.
– Underbites aka Bulldog Teeth: Your lower front teeth stick out past your upper front teeth.
– Crossbites: Your lower jaw hangs out past your upper jaw.
– Overbites aka Protrusions/Buck Teeth: Your upper front teeth stick out past your lower front teeth.
– Deep Bites aka Closed Bites: Extreme overbites where your lower front teeth can pierce the gums behind your upper front teeth.
– Open Bites: Occurs when the upper and lower front teeth fail to touch when biting down.
– Other Malocclusions: This includes spacing issues caused by large gaps or overcrowded teeth, teeth that erupt above the gum lines on the wrong spaces, and teeth that have rotated out of alignment.

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