Healthy Treats for Your Smile and Oral Health

Have you considered the healthy foods your body needs to keep your teeth and smile healthy? If not, perhaps you should! There are many foods that can improve your oral health and strengthen your tooth enamel, making it wise to eat them regularly. Our dentist, Dr. Frederick M. Saigh, is... Read more »

How Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Visit

If you find it very difficult to sit in the dental chair because of anxiety and fear, we may recommend sedation dentistry, which help you relax when you visit the dentist. We can offer nitrous oxide to calm your dental anxiety and help you have an enjoyable visit. After all,... Read more »

Top-Notch Smiles for Spring: Dental Floss

If you are ready to enhance your smile, it is important to start with the basics, including dental floss. Dental floss is a crucial part of your oral health care because it helps clean out areas between teeth that other tools such as toothbrushes cannot reach. Through the combination of... Read more »

Taking Care After Tooth Extraction

Severe tooth decay and significant dental trauma can sometimes compromise a tooth so badly that it requires a total extraction. The treatment process is last resort to help reduce pain and prevent a potentially dangerous infection. Once the root of the tooth has been excised your gums will be sutured.... Read more »

Complete Denture Might Be Needed for Patients Suffering from Severe Periodontitis

Left untreated mild forms of gum disease like gingivitis can gradually worsen into a severe problem. In some of these cases, it could lead to the severe periodontal infection of periodontitis. This can gradually cause bacterial deposits to build up near the roots of your teeth. Over time untreated periodontitis... Read more »

Dental Checkups Serve as Proactive Cavity Treatment

Many patients wait until their tooth discomfort becomes extreme or persists for a while before they visit the dentist. This could allow cavities to invade your smile and may result in significant damage that can compromise the health of a tooth. We encourage you to maintain regular six-month dental checkups... Read more »

The Differences Between Over-the-Counter Whitening and Professional At-Home Whitening

If you’re interested in knowing the differences between over-the-counter whitening treatments and professional at-home whitening treatments, then our dentist, Dr. Frederick M. Saigh, is happy to help you. Today, he would like to discuss the details of both treatments so you can choose the right option for you and your... Read more »

Shed Some Light on Dental Bridges

  When seeking to improve your smile, it's a good idea to make sure your teeth are always cleaned. In addition, if you have lost any teeth, or are scheduled to have any future teeth extracted, it is important to seek out tooth replacement prosthetics to ensure replacements can be... Read more »

Dental Facts on Dental Bonding

  Have you ever thought about what your smile would be like if it was at optimum oral health? Even if you have sustained damage to your teeth early in life, it is possible to have tooth-like substances placed on damaged teeth to allow the natural shape, contour, and feel... Read more »

Periodontitis and You

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, comes in some different types. In its latter stages, gum disease is known as periodontitis. If your gums are harshly swollen or if you can see vast inflamed sacks of gums surrounding your pearly whites, you may have periodontitis, and you should reach... Read more »