Am I Ready for a Retainer?

If you are getting your braces off soon, or are considering getting braces, at some point in time, we’ll talk about fitting you for a retainer. In most cases, a retainer is used to help keep your teeth in place after your braces have been removed. Like braces, a retainer... Read more »

Keys to Spotting Oral Cancer

Preventing oral cancer is extremely important as over 42,000 new cases are found every year in the US. The prevalence of oral cancer is growing, and so too are the methods for spotting it sooner. The quicker oral cancer is found, the greater the chance for a successful recovery. Here... Read more »

A Damaged Crown Needs Attention from a Dentist

Crowns are commonly cast from very durable dental materials like gold, base metals, and porcelain. This gives them the strength to handle daily chewing and grinding, while also making them invulnerable to the ravages of tooth decay. However, there are still instances where something can happen to chip or fracture... Read more »

Treat Your Smile to Better Oral Health with Dental Bonding

Are you looking to improve your oral health for the summer? Is your body ready to hit the warm waters of the beach but your smile still needs work? Not to worry, as you can treat your smile to a better look and better oral health with dental bonding. Dental... Read more »

Dental Anxiety: How to Deal With It

Did you know that there are many things you could do to keep your teeth and gums healthy? For example, you’ve probably heard that you should brush your pearly whites for two minutes at a time every day. You should also try to floss your teeth regularly and visit our... Read more »

Dental Bridges Are Like Mini Miracles for Toothless Smiles

Dental bridges are like mini miracles for toothless smiles. Although hope may seem lost when you lose a single tooth or more, it is actually just a minor setback. The last of your permanent teeth grow in when you are in your mid-teens, but thanks to modern technology, artificial replacements... Read more »

Do You Have a Malocclusion?

A malocclusion refers to a bad bite or misalignment that occurs within your mouth. Some misalignment issues can be caused by your environment and life, but many are also the result of genetics or oral accidents. Do you have a malocclusion? Listed below are several different types. - Misplaced Midlines:... Read more »

A Whitening Consultation Can Determine the Most Effective Method for Removing Stains from Your Smile

A smile that has dulled or taken on a shade of yellow can be embarrassing. While there are several different ways to remove stains from your teeth, not all are safe or effective. A whitening consultation at Saigh Family Dental can be of great value to you. The training and... Read more »

Improve, Enhance, and Upgrade Your Smile with Dental Bonding

Have you ever wanted to fix or conceal a blemish or two within your teeth without having to replace the tooth entirely? If so, you have a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures at your disposal, including dental bonding. Dental bonding uses a resin-based or porcelain material to directly bond to... Read more »

Are Straight Teeth Worth It?

It's easy to feel like getting orthodontic treatment is more of a hassle than it's worth. After all, how important can a straight smile be? We'll, you'd likely be very surprised to know that a straight smile impacts everything from self-esteem to how confident you feel in social and professional... Read more »