How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Recipe

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Fall is quickly approaching, which means the holidays are as well. The holidays usually include a lot of baking with a lot of sugar. Unfortunately, sugary treats can be harmful for your smile. So, it’s important to try to cut sugar out of your recipes as much as possible. Our dentist, Dr. Frederick M. Saigh, and our dental team have the tips to help you do so.

First, try to use less sugar than the recipe calls for. This might be tricky for some recipes, especially cookie recipes. However, when it comes to baking things like pumpkin bread, the recipe doesn’t rely so much on the sugar. So, you can try using 1/4 to 1/3 less sugar in the recipe. If you’re really feeling brave, you can try cutting the sugar in half.

Second, use an alternative sweetener. There are other things you can use to sweeten your recipe, like honey, pure maple syrup, or agave nectar. So, feel free to use them as necessary. Using other sweeteners might even add some nutrients to your recipe.

Third, use fruit for your sugar. Fruits are sweet and flavorful, so why not add them to your recipes? Many bakers cook the fruit in sugar before adding them to the batter. For example, if you’re making a pie, cook the apples in a tiny bit of sugar in the oven. This brings out the fruit’s natural sugars. Then go ahead and add it to the crust and continue baking!

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