Repairing a cosmetically inferior tooth does not have to be complicated. With dental bonding, multiple cosmetic dental flaws can be corrected in just one visit to our dental office. We offer dental bonding in Iron River, Michigan, as a process whereby a special plastic material, usually composite resin, is sculpted onto a tooth and hardened. Our dentist, Dr. Saigh will perfectly match the shade of the composite resin to your natural tooth color, or, if you are using dental bonding to whiten your smile, the composite resin will be multiple shades lighter. We may suggest dental bonding to:

  • Whiten your smile
  • Repair the shape of broken or chipped teeth
  • Fix cracked or fractured teeth
  • Close spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Make short teeth look longer
  • Improve the shape of an unsightly tooth
  • Repair damage from metal restorations

Dental bonding requires very little tooth preparation. If needed, your tooth enamel may be lightly etched and roughened after a thorough cleaning to ensure that the bond is strong. When Dr. Saigh has finished sculpting the composite resin for a perfect fit and shape, it will be hardened using a special ultraviolet light.

If you find it hard to smile because of cosmetic flaws, please contact Saigh Family Dental at 906-265-0050 to schedule your appointment and learn more about dental bonding.