What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings, also known as white fillings or tooth-colored fillings, are a type of dental restoration used to treat tooth decay that has only damaged your tooth enamel. Composite fillings are often used when we catch decay early, before your tooth would require root canal treatment or a dental crown. We use composite dental fillings in Iron River, Michigan, to maintain the natural aesthetic of your smile and restore the integrity of your tooth structure.

How are composite fillings done?

Composite fillings are made from a special type of plastic known as composite resin. Composite resin can be matched to the exact color of your tooth enamel for a beautiful, pleasing restoration. After Dr. Saigh has picked out the perfect shade of composite resin, we will prepare your tooth. First, all tooth decay is removed and the surface of your tooth is cleaned. The composite resin, soft and malleable when first applied, is then put onto your tooth. We sculpt and shape the filling until it matches the natural grooves and curves of your tooth. Once completed, the composite resin is hardened with a special light and polished for a beautiful shine.

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