There Are Different Treatments That Can Restore a Missing Tooth

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A tooth that is lost to a severe dental trauma or untreated cavity can prove to be more than a mere annoyance when eating. If the tooth was in the front of your mouth, the void can alter the clarity of your speech while also leaving you with an unattractive smile.

If the tooth isn’t restored by some means, the structural void can start to affect the nearby teeth. This could alter their alignment while increasing your chances of suffering from dental attrition or dental fractures on the related teeth in your bite pattern.

In a situation like this, you should strongly consider scheduling an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Frederick M. Saigh to find the dental restoration treatment that’s right for you.

If you’re missing multiple teeth in one location. Dr. Frederick M. Saigh can fit you for a partial denture. This is a removable dental appliance designed to replicate the presence of your missing teeth.

If you lost a single tooth you might be interested in a dental bridge. This is a replica tooth fused with a dental crown on each end. It will eventually be installed onto a pair of abutments formed from the cores of the two neighboring teeth.  

Dental implants have also grown in popularity as a very effective option for restoring a lost tooth. This involves a minimally invasive oral surgery where a titanium dental implant is inserted into the underlying bone structure. The titanium material will eventually fuse to the surrounding bone tissues in your mouth. This will create a solid anchor point to secure and eventual dental crown.  

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