Top-Notch Smiles for Spring: Dental Floss

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If you are ready to enhance your smile, it is important to start with the basics, including dental floss. Dental floss is a crucial part of your oral health care because it helps clean out areas between teeth that other tools such as toothbrushes cannot reach. Through the combination of brushing and flossing on a daily basis, you can help lower your risk for several oral health problems and conditions. Furthermore, you can help lower the amount of plaque buildup and bacteria in your mouth.

Dental floss comes in two main varieties including threaded floss and water flossers. If you choose to go with a threaded floss, understand that it is designed to be used once and then thrown out. Never use the same strand more than once, as contamination will occur. Also, move up and down each strand as needed to ensure that you do not cross-contaminate other areas in your mouth. Ideally, you should use gentle motions and floss between two to three minutes each day. If you would rather choose to use an alternative to threaded floss, consider the use of water flossers to wash out debris between teeth with a steady beam of water.

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